Friday, October 17, 2008


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Genre: Hard Rock

Heard Their Blood Red Sandman and though, shit yer this has potential. So then I found the video clip and it was done in a very "Evil Dead" looking house with the obvious horror theme....AWESOME. I heard and enjoyed Lordi before they won Euro vision, It was disgusting how alot of people I knew didnt care for the band until they saw it on tv (MTV generation). Quick note to all "wannabe hardcore music fans" you dont need TV / a competition to tell you a band is cool.

Lordi also appeared in the Finnish Horror film Dark Floors. Now I enjoyed the film, it struck me as a B grade film that really made the effort not to be cheesy. Infact I felt they could have cheesed out a little bit and Have Mr Lordi Storm make a dramatic Entrance to "Blood Red Sandman" but oh well.

Now unfortunately Lordi does not allow embedding of their clips (sigh) so here are their relevant torrents.

Lordi Discography

***update*** while I cant embed youtube vids metacafe will let me....yay post saved (torrent links still stay).

Lordi Blood Red Sandman
Fucking awesome song and clip

Would You Love A MonsterMan (new)
The original clip is pretty damn cool but it seems they have redone it (new one is good to).

Would You Love A Monsterman (original)
This is the best version I have decided since seeing the newer one.

It Snows In Hell
Hadnt seen this clip until I came todo my writeup on Lordi, I sort of felt a gimmick band had only so much stuff to offer before they become completely generic. Lets watch and see.

.....MEH just what I thought, wake me when they have another good single.

mem out.

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