Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fear Factory

I cant even remember which song from fear factory I heard 1st, fear factory was incredibly popular in my hometown and highschool. Ontop of that my favourite game of all time Carmageddon made the smart move to get Fear Factory todo the sound track for their game.

Official Website

Fear Factory Wiki

Genres: Death metal, Industrial metal, Electro Metal

Carmageddon Intro Movie
Love the game, love the band. Best car game ever, Carmageddon arguably took the flack that GTA should have worn, but at the time GTA was a top down cartoon and Carmageddon wasnt. In short Violent car game + excellent thrash metal = WIN.


Reminds me of Terminator, Id explain better if I was able.

Linch Pin
Awesome song

A cover of Gary Numan's song Cars.
They even put Gary in the Video clip :)
Its the Covering of Gary Numans song Cars that made me add "Electro Metal" to their genre. You can hear electro influences throughout some of their other songs as well.

Fear Factory made their live return as the mystery band at the Australian Big Day Out festival in January 2004.
Id like to note while Perth (where I live) is the most remote Capital City in the world we dont quite think of it as the Edge of Nowhere (though sometimes I admit it does feel like it).

Friday, October 17, 2008


I grew up listening to my older brothers Metal Collection and recommendations before I could start ripping mp3's :P. One of the bands he got me onto and really does kick arse is Sepultura. Sepultura was great while Max Cavalera was their Vocalist (see wiki for why he left I lack the required tact to explain it).

Sepultura Wiki

Official Site

Refuse/ Resist

Go the mad tribal sounds, Max travels all over the world to live with different tribes and learn new sounds. A Witch Doctor is the 2nd vocalist in this clip.

Roots Bloody Roots


Official Website

Lordi Wiki

Genre: Hard Rock

Heard Their Blood Red Sandman and though, shit yer this has potential. So then I found the video clip and it was done in a very "Evil Dead" looking house with the obvious horror theme....AWESOME. I heard and enjoyed Lordi before they won Euro vision, It was disgusting how alot of people I knew didnt care for the band until they saw it on tv (MTV generation). Quick note to all "wannabe hardcore music fans" you dont need TV / a competition to tell you a band is cool.

Lordi also appeared in the Finnish Horror film Dark Floors. Now I enjoyed the film, it struck me as a B grade film that really made the effort not to be cheesy. Infact I felt they could have cheesed out a little bit and Have Mr Lordi Storm make a dramatic Entrance to "Blood Red Sandman" but oh well.

Now unfortunately Lordi does not allow embedding of their clips (sigh) so here are their relevant torrents.

Lordi Discography

***update*** while I cant embed youtube vids metacafe will let me....yay post saved (torrent links still stay).

Lordi Blood Red Sandman
Fucking awesome song and clip

Would You Love A MonsterMan (new)
The original clip is pretty damn cool but it seems they have redone it (new one is good to).

Would You Love A Monsterman (original)
This is the best version I have decided since seeing the newer one.

It Snows In Hell
Hadnt seen this clip until I came todo my writeup on Lordi, I sort of felt a gimmick band had only so much stuff to offer before they become completely generic. Lets watch and see.

.....MEH just what I thought, wake me when they have another good single.

mem out.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Another band where I heard one song (Year Zero) and was instantly sold. One of my favourite bands, Ive been really impressed with their latest 2 cd's.

Samael Wiki

Official Site

Genre: Black Metal, Industrial, Doom and a bit thrashy sometimes (a good thing)

Rain (Live)
Incredible live performance and one of their best songs. Their keyboardist/ drummer is a legend keeping that pace up.

Year Zero
Cranking song, I keep picturing this tune to a war march.

Baphomet`s Throne
Slow doomy song, great background music for playing D&D

Cranking song
Thanks to NuclearBlastEurope & Samael for allowing embedding of their clips (no torrent links for you).

Infra Galaxia
Trippy clip


Samael fucking rock, mem out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Offspring was the fucken bomb back when I was in highschool. I still enjoy their old albums now, but I do remember the band decided to pump out a big greasy shit on their fanbase with the polished turd of an album Americana. Never had a band sold out so badly. I remember seeing a group of school kids trot into the mall I worked and preform "Pretty fly for a white guy", it was the end of Offspring for me that day. I consider the band dead to me and all its current fans to be everything thats wrong with the music industry. I could rant on for ages about the miles of cock the new Offspring suck (100000's of miles) but instead I shall get back to highlighting their glory days.

It also seems that Offspring are such cunts now you they dont let you embed their youtube basically, fuck u Offspring sellout whores.

I was going to pretend Im living in the dark ages and link to the youtube videos but fuck that. Instead here are the relevant torrents for Offspring if your curious.

Offspring Discography
Id only get the 1st 4 albums unless your a prepubescent teenager

Offspring Videos
Videos in this torrent I reccomend (sorry their mp4):
  • Come Out And Play
  • Self Esteem
  • Gotta Get Away
  • All I Want
  • Gone Away
  • The Meaning of Life

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under Wiki

Official Website

I do like my thrash metal/ death metal and few people can bellow and growl like Chris Barnes the SFU vocalist. I havent kept up to date with SFU, I felt their graveyard classics was a bit weak. It seems that Chris Barnes voice has been thrashed to death finally to - his later work just doesnt have the depth it used to :(. Ive often wondered how long you can do death metal vocals until you start spitting up bloody chunks on your throat.

Victim of the Paranoid
First song I heard by SFU and was instantly sold.

Feasting on the Blood of the Insane (live)
The intro sets the song up nicely, excellent beat.

Shadow of the Reaper

Hadnt heard this one before (thanks youtube) but its pretty damn good.

Ghosts Of The Undead

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian, found this guys a long time ago. I havent given them much of a go, but there are a few songs they do I love so here they are.

Blind Guardian wiki
Blind Guardian Homesite

Mr Sandman
Cranking cover
I love songs that wind up from gentle to metal :)

Barbara Ann
Baa Baa Baa barbaraannnnnnnnnnnneeeee
Another cranking cover :)

The Bards Song
Beautiful Acoustic song :)

Helloween - Power Metal fucking rules

Look, I grew up in the 80's and with the benefit of hindsight alot of 80's power metal bands looked quite gay up on stage (see manowar) in leather pants chest exposed and studded dog colars / arm band (bracelets). Despite that I can look past a dead fashion image and enjoy the music.

Helloween was a band I stumbled onto for no particular reason and it just stuck.

Where the Rain Grows
The 1st song I heard that really made an impression.
Frickin awesome drum intro.

I Want Out
As power metal as it gets

Dr Stein
A song about Frankenstein.
For me its damn cool, I like horror and I like metal (what synergy)

1st post woot

Welcome metal fans.

Here I shall post my rants and youtube clips of the many many many good metal bands out there. Id list what I like, but the clips will speak for themselves.

Dont expect it to always be metal either I may mix it up.

Why here and not facebook /myspace. Well I always hated myspace, myspace was like someone had managed to round up every fucking idiot on the net and dump them on one site. Facebook was/ is sort of cool but I dont like microsoft and u cant delete ure fucking account !!!!.

Oh I swear alot in my normal relaxed state, so since I am posting about one of my passions brace yourself for vulgar and coarse language.