Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fear Factory

I cant even remember which song from fear factory I heard 1st, fear factory was incredibly popular in my hometown and highschool. Ontop of that my favourite game of all time Carmageddon made the smart move to get Fear Factory todo the sound track for their game.

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Fear Factory Wiki

Genres: Death metal, Industrial metal, Electro Metal

Carmageddon Intro Movie
Love the game, love the band. Best car game ever, Carmageddon arguably took the flack that GTA should have worn, but at the time GTA was a top down cartoon and Carmageddon wasnt. In short Violent car game + excellent thrash metal = WIN.


Reminds me of Terminator, Id explain better if I was able.

Linch Pin
Awesome song

A cover of Gary Numan's song Cars.
They even put Gary in the Video clip :)
Its the Covering of Gary Numans song Cars that made me add "Electro Metal" to their genre. You can hear electro influences throughout some of their other songs as well.

Fear Factory made their live return as the mystery band at the Australian Big Day Out festival in January 2004.
Id like to note while Perth (where I live) is the most remote Capital City in the world we dont quite think of it as the Edge of Nowhere (though sometimes I admit it does feel like it).

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